Today, virtually every company in the technology sector views patent purchasing as an important part of their patent portfolio development process. This is a great advantage for operating companies to effectively expand their portfolio, and it has created a great opportunity for patent inventors and owners who, through a patent sale, can finally get a real return on their creativity, hard work and monetary investment.
While the market for good patents continues to mature and expand, it is still a young and inefficient market which puts a high premium on sellers knowing how to market, their patents effectively and a heavy burden on buyers to find, conduct due diligence and determine the right price for the patents they purchase.

Patent Sales Services

Success in selling patents is about helping the patent owner know that they are getting the best price the market has to offer. Our proven track record of successfully closing patent sales transactions is based on our unceasing focus on getting the market to speak. We are able to do that for the following reasons:

Access To Buyers

Step one to getting the market to give you the best price is to ensure that a large number of potential purchasers actually see the opportunity. We have unparalleled access to the buying community, with direct access to over 300 high technology operating companies, aggregators and patent investors that are actively looking to purchase patents. By access, we mean that Epicenter has a direct relationship with the person responsible for patent purchasing at these buyers, ensuring that your patent is seen by a wide array of potential buyers, and by the decision maker at those buyers.

Patent Buyers Tell Us They See Many Patent

purchasing opportunities every month, so they do not have time to look at all the opportunities offered them. In addition, many patent buyers, especially operating companies, are looking for patents outside of their area of technical expertise, making it challenging for them to identify those patents that might have real value.
Having helped create the first ever dedicated patent purchasing program in the technology industry in the late 1990s and assisted many more companies in developing their patent purchasing programs over the last half decade, we at Epicenter have a deep understanding of the Patent Buyer Dynamic – the reasons why companies buy patents, the factors they use to determine interest and the process they use and the data they demand to establish value.

Proven Process

Getting the best price requires ensuring that potential buyers get the information they need and that the buyers trust the integrity of the bidding process. We believe that we have earned that level of trust by demonstrating that we know the patents we are selling and can directly and effectively communicate why they are valuable, and that we exercise the highest level of integrity in running our patent sales process.