Patents are a precious asset, the result of years of dedicated and passionate pursuit of great new things.We believe that inventors deserve to work with people as dedicated and passionate in obtaining value for their patents as they are in creating them.
At Epicenter IP Group, we have created a central point where inventors can obtain access to that experience, expertise and passion. Our professionals have over 50 years of experience in creating value from patents and supporting patent transactions. As a result, they have a deep expertise in understanding and communicating the value of patents and an unparalleled track record of zealously obtaining results. We are solutions focused, not process focused, meaning that we deploy these skills to providing results, not explanations.

patents are complex assets requiring expertise in at
least three different disciplines:


To understand the scope of the patent grant and how it might be interpreted if ever enforced.

Technical Expertise

To understand whether and how widely the patent is being used today or its potential for use in the future.

Business Expertise

To understand the economic value that patent might have for its users and construct a business case for purchase or license.

Employing our IP Value Engine model, we act as the General Contractor, identifying the right individuals across these disciplines to build the right team to deliver real results efficiently, cost effectively, and giving us the ability to work effectively with a wide variety of technologies. Supplementing our core team, we have built an unparalled network of technical subject matter experts with deep, practical and relevant knowledge of their fields of expertise.

Epicenter - IP Value Engine