Epicenter IP Group team members have had line management responsibility for delivering real results in numerous patent licensing transactions for Fortune 100 technology companies, at top law firms and for individual inventors. That means we are used to being measured based on what we deliver, not merely on what we do.
From our experience having to deliver results, we have developed an understanding of licensing as a business, not merely a legal activity. And like any business, there are customers. The key to achieving results in any business is understand how those customers make decisions and designing your sales process with a focus on influencing those decisions. We employ a fact based approach, focused on delivering potential licensees the information they want and need to make the right decision.

our approach

outbound (offensive) licensing services:

Execution and Negotiation
We lead or support our client’s selected licensing team through all aspects of the engagement from initial contact through signed deal. This includes the technical, patent, and business discussions inherent in patent licensing transactions including effectively responding to counter-assertions and finding complex business solutions.
Strategic Planning
We advise our clients of the opportunities, risk, process and resources required to conduct an outbound (offensive) licensing program or project. We work as part of the client’s team to develop and implement the overall plan.
Portfolio Mining
If the valuable patents have not yet been identified, we support the mining and evaluation of their portfolio and lead or participate in the in-depth analysis and validation of those patents that are the foundation of the licensing program.

in-bound (defensive) licensing services:

Understanding the Threat
if someone has asserted patents against our client, the first thing we ascertain is the following:
• Do we have a problem?
• How serious is this?
• What are our Alternatives?
• This knowledge is used as the basis for our developing our strategy in defending our client:
Detailed Patent Analysis
We build or supplement the current team with the patent, technical, and business experts needed to assess the patents and its potential impact to the client’s business.
Negotiations and Project Management
Either as team lead or team member, we develop the appropriate responses and guide the client’s strategy through the negotiation process to vigorously and intelligently defend the client against the patent assertion including lining up the client’s patents versus the Asserter’s products. If needed, Epicenter’s Patent Brokerage Services can help the client acquire patents to be used to defend the company.
Litigation Support
If required, we support the litigation team by providing business and economic analysis to support the legal effort and by maintaining an open dialogue with the Asserter to support the ultimate negotiated agreement.

Representative Clients:
Interval Licensing LLC