Our breadth and depth of expertise in using IP as a business asset enables us to team with our clients to help a company define its business objectives create the right strategy to achieve those objectives, and identify and execute concrete actions that allow our clients to deliver on that strategy.

epicenter provides a full spectrum of services
to acquire, exploit and manage ip assets to their full potential.

examples are:

monetization analysis and valuation

Many patent owners understand that they have the option to sell or license their patent, but do not necessarily have the experience to evaluate those options. With our unmatched transactional success, we are able to provide true, market based valuation analysis to support our clients decision process.

portfolio mining

If the valuable patents have not yet been identified, we support the mining and evaluation of their portfolio and lead or participate in the in-depth analysis and validation of those patents that are the foundation of the licensing program.

patent purchasing

Where a company’s own portfolio does not meet its needs, there is an opportunity to meet those needs through patent purchasing.
Patent Search
We deploy our portfolio mining techniques to identify potential purchasing targets.Through our brokerage activities, we have developed unique experience in identifying potentially valuable patents. We combine this experience with powerful best in class analytics to offer clients a powerful patent search solution.
Acquisition Services
We act as purchasing agents, contacting and negotiating the purchase of patents. In addition, with our scope and reputation, we are able to offer our clients anonymity, allowing them to protect their interest from discovery.